Aquarius Compatibility

See how Aquarius compatibility, an Air sign, relates to other Fire, Earth, Air, and Water signs. They are independent, original people and are very good friends.

Most compatible with Aquarius: Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra.
Least compatible with Aquarius: Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo.
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Aquarius compatibility


AIR + FIRE | Fire causes Air an effect of inspiration and vitality that he loves and makes him always be in constant activity. However, Air needs a lot of freedom and does not like the possible dominance of Fire. Just as Fire needs Air to live, in this relationship the flame of passion and love will burn, leaving many good things to both of you. Of course it can be very convenient for Fire to have a partner by your side, Air signs, because this element can help you perfect yourself, improve in all aspects of your life and direct your impulses towards something concrete, cultured or intellectual.

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

In the sexual area, the affairs between Aries and Aquarius are generally pleasing for both. The tendency of the Aries to try new things and the aptitude to create new experiences of the Aquarius match each other very well, so the romantic compatibility of these two signs is high.

Aquarius Compatibility With Leo

The first attraction and chemistry amongst these two signs will be very solid.

Leo is a fire sign and is more impulsive and emotional in his reactions than Aquarius. And yet he has a very conservative side that clashes with Aquarius’ rebelliousness. Together they tend to think that they are right, so it is crucial that they try to avoid the temptation to impose themselves and it is essential that they reach an agreement.

Sagittarius Compatibility With Aquarius

The weak point of this combination stems from one of the points in common, shared by the two signs: their desire to retain a degree of independence and freedom within the relationship. While initially it may turn out to be a relief for all of you, that this need is not only understood but shared by your significant other, it is vital that you develop common projects and share basics of your “freedom” together, because otherwise it is likely that over time they distance themselves, unconscious of it until it is too late.

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AIR + EARTH | Depending on its variability, the air can provide the Earth with love, warmth … Or give it an icy cold. What the Earth likes is mainly security, she tends to keep what she already has and often prefers practical realizations rather than theorizing about things. For this reason, she can clash with the character of the Air, which does not offer her many guarantees.

The Earth may feel unstable with Air signs, you may feel like you are making a mistake in falling in love, and you may begin to rationalize your love towards your partner (does it suit me, does it not suit me?). The Air can get bored with the calm, conservative and serene character of the Earth. The normality of Earth signs and her reasoning about all things can make you nervous. The Air, perhaps wish that at some point those of Earth would take things less seriously and put logic aside, to act impulsively for only once.

You can get along if you try to complement each other. The Earth can bring security and stability in the couple, while the Air can help the Earth to be something more outgoing and sociable.

Aquarius Compatibility With Taurus

Both should share a deep and very special sexual intimacy, as the perfect Aquarius will help Taurus discover a deeper side of her nature and get more satisfaction from sex.

Aquarius Compatibility With Virgo

Equally they are very dissimilar sexually, even though this does not mean that they are not compatible. Aquarius has a greater tendency to want to explore the unknown, something that can be threatening at first for some Virgos, although the fact that they are so attracted to the caring side of Aquarius makes it easier for them to let go and be less careful in their intimate affairs.

Aquarius Compatibility With Capricorn

Regarding their sexual life, to achieve a high compatibility in their intimate relationships, both signs will have to take into account the very different characteristics of each other. Capricorn has a rather traditional approach to sex, while many Aquarian like to experiment.


AIR + AIR | Absolute freedom, they will never fall into boredom. Two Air Signs can be impractical, even though they find each other intellectually stimulating. The relationship must be based on communication and trust; otherwise it can lead to an unintentional separation or even infidelity, even if it is only intellectual.

The most crucial moment may be the discovery that the other person is not as interesting or cultured as you thought, or has simply ceased to be as you knew them. At that moment the Air signs can collapse since they cannot support a change of this type and less when it refers to their ideal, to their romantic idea of ​​love. If this time has come and you have overcome it, the relationship can continue its course and improve and make them very happy.

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Aquarius Compatibility With Gemini

Their sexual relationship will be satisfactory, but they will not move mountains. Aquarians will have to learn to be more romantic and to trust their partner. The fundamental to your happiness in your love relationship comes from your communication abilities.

Aquarius Compatibility With Libra

In love, Libra is much more romantic than Aquarius, but as both signs are very generous and open to trying new sensations, this is not a problem for an intimate relationship. Libra will care more about formalizing a relationship than Aquarius, and this combination is usually more compatible, for a long-term relationship when both have already lived experiences with other couples.

Aquarius Compatibility With Aquarius

The sexual relationship between two Aquarians can be exciting without finding time to practice it. They will have fun times. They are private people and may find it difficult to open up in an intimate relationship, but if they overcome this they are sexually compatible.

Something to keep in mind is that if the signs of the couple are the same, although they have many things in common, many times, over time, the lack of differences could mean little encouragement and demotivation.


AIR + WATER | It is not a very favorable combination. Air and Water combine poorly in nature to form destructive natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. However, these two signs can be together as long as they are able not to let conflicts get out of control. Although it will be a somewhat complicated relationship, it will not be too complex. Air loves the sensitivity that Water shows and needs from it that concentration of capacities and intuitions and sensitivity towards things of the spirit and of the mind. Water may need the support of Air, which has marked social skills and capacities to develop ideas that in Water are only on the surface, not complete or consolidated.

Both can find in the other element what the other lacks, although on the other hand, Water can be somewhat possessive with respect to its partner.

It is a relationship that can be stable if both recognize their differences, Air can help Water to materialize their ideas and Water can be the emotional support of Air to better recognize their feelings and feel emotions and find love in people’s affection, regardless of the academics.

Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer

Their sexual relationship will be satisfactory, but they will not move mountains. To be compatible with Aquarius, the Cancer sign will need to be prepared to explore a few more things in life and to shed some of its preconceptions so that it can share some of Aquarius’ exhilarating freedom. Aquarius, in turn, will have to settle his head a bit so that Cancer has a chance to get inside him.

Aquarius Compatibility With Scorpio

Regarding their compatibility in sexual relationships, this is an area where there should not be many problems because the passion of Scorpio fits well with the willingness on the part of Aquarians to explore new sensations. Aquarians like to talk a lot, and this contrasts with the Scorpio style, which opts for action before words in love.

Aquarius Compatibility With Pisces

 The more time you spend together, the more chance you have of enjoying a long-term relationship. They are the last two signs of the zodiac and as such, they characterize the accumulated experiences of all the signs, which are placed before them. Sometimes when an Aquarius and a Pisces get together, their relationship is secret at first for some cultural or family reason.

In Conclusion

Remember that it is in your hands to make a relationship work, but you should also detect the warning signs before hurting yourself from clinging to a toxic relationship. If you want to know love predictions with today’s horoscope for each of the zodiac signs, you can do so from our Horoscopes section and find out what the stars have in store for you in love, health, money and work.

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