Aquarius Sign – Characteristics and Compatibility

All those who have the Aquarius sign as their horoscope are people with a strong personality and at the same time attractive. This personality allows them to forge very close relationships as long as they find people capable of managing the unpredictability of Aquarian.

It is said that there are two types of Aquarius:

  • The first type is shy, patient and very sensitive people.
  • The second type of Aquarius is lively, exuberant people capable of hiding their true personality under a facade of frivolity.
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Both have a force of conviction and faithful to the truth which makes them very honest and be able to change their opinion if they show otherwise. They are able to put themselves in the place of the other and understand different positions, which makes them one of the most tolerant and non-judgemental signs of the zodiac.

The Aquarius personality is defined by their humanity, willing to learn from everything and everyone, they are human, sincere and idealistic. Their intelligence makes them capable of adapting to any conversation; they are persevering but have a certain spark of humour that makes them different.

Sometimes they need some time alone to meditate and see things in perspective. They don’t like to do what the crowd always does that makes it hard for them to make new friends.

Aquarius Characteristics

We present the main characteristics of the zodiac sign of Aquarius:

ColorBlue, Green, Gray and Black
PositivesAltruists and they like to help others
Negativesstubborn and unpredictable
Day of the weekSunday
Planet (Ruler)Uranus
Stones and metalsFern and Lavender
CompatibilityGemini and Libra
Best CoupleLeo
Lucky numbersNumber 4,8,13,17,22,26
Date rangeJanuary 20 – February 18
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