Celtic Tarot: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Do you want to decipher the signs that life gives you daily? Do you want to know the meaning of your dreamsDo you want to know what the future has in store for you? We all ask ourselves these questions every day because we are overwhelmed and worried by uncertainty.

Here I explain everything about the use of the Celtic Tarot (also known as the Druid tarot) as a method of prediction for centuries. An ancient and mystical method that uses the energies of the whole world and of the spirits. A legendary method and considered magical by the people who use it.

What Is Celtic Tarot?

It is a type of tarot that uses the Celtic cross to answer all the questions you ask yourself. The Celtic Tarot is considered mystical since its origin is only cultural and its customs, myths, and legends spread throughout the world until today.

The philosophy of this tarot is based on the energy of Mother Nature, in the forests, in the magical creatures that live in them (goblins, elves, fairies,), in the gods of nature (earth, air, water). In times past it was the so-called “druids” who used this type of tarot. The magic of this comes from the Celtic peoples (Ireland, Wales and Scotland).

The Druids had the firm belief that they were connected with the gods of nature, so they had the power to see the future, for which they used the “Ogham” alphabet to transmit their prophetic messages, magic and divination.

What Is It or How Does It Work?

For tarot reading, the Celtic cross is used, as we have already commented, in which only the Major Arcana are used, which are divided into 5 groups: heroic, adventurer, oceanic, historical and mythological.

For the consultation to be carried out correctly, it is necessary for the person to visualize their situation, the problem they want to solve so that they can ask the most correct question and thus the answer offered by the tarot reader is highly reliable.

In this way, you will have an interpretation of your present, what the future has in store for you, everything about the environment where you develop, your emotions, your past and your feelings.

How Are The Cards Read In The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread?

The cards are thrown forming the so-called Celtic cross, which is designed with four cards on the right and three on the left, four more horizontally and with one more card on top covering the first. The meaning of the letters of the cross is as follows:

  • What you feel in that moment
  • What surrounds your life
  • Your recent past
  • Your immediate future
  • The troublesome situation you find yourself in
  • The external forces involved in this problem
  • The forces of internal origin that intervene in your decisions
  • What you want and the fears that prevent you from achieving it
  • The possible resolution of the problem

The spread of the cards in the shape of the Celtic cross is considered the best to consult at times when the conflict is occurring: job change, new partner, economic changes, family, and children. Celtic tarot has been of great interest. Remember the interpretation of reality is unique and you can only do it yourself.

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