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The ancient Egyptians, as you may already know, were one of the most advanced civilisations of their times, knowledgeable and intellectual of the universe and the stars. Hence their own horoscope signs appear based on the lunar phases. 12 signs of the zodiac that correspond to the names of the Gods of Egypt and that are assigned to the person according to the date of birth.

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In the Egyptian civilization they were passionate about astrology and the stars and are, for some, the pioneers and promoters of many astrological studies that were later extended to other civilizations such as the Greek or Roman. The lunar cycles were studied and through them they believed that there was a global system that described all reality and the phenomena that happened. And on this page what we are looking for is to bring you closer to all things related to the Egyptian horoscope, based on astrological studies, and the zodiac signs that appeared and their predictions for this year.

Egyptian Horoscope And Its Predictions For This Year

The Ancient Egyptian belief that on the date of birth of a person, the name of one of the Egyptian gods that represented the personality and mission of each of the zodiacal signs was assigned. The gods are: Osiris, Selket, Bastet, Amon Ra, Isis, Horus, Anibus, Hator, Ptah, Apep, Atum and Maat.

All the energy and faculties that each of these 12 goddesses had was transmitted to the person according to their date of birth. Knowing the Egyptian zodiac sign will allow you to know the influence of a God of Egypt, your personality and the predictions for this year. Simply by knowing your date of birth, you will be able to know which God corresponds to you within Egyptian astrology and his beliefs .

Egyptian Horoscope Signs

As in the traditional horoscope that we know, the zodiacal signs of Egypt are 12 and as we have already commented, they refer to the names of Egyptian gods. Now you can know your zodiac sign that corresponds to you depending on the date of birth and know the energy and strength that it transmits to you:

Bastet: From January 16 to February 15

Bastet, the cat goddess, is the first sign of the Egyptian horoscope and all those who are born under the influence of it are people considered with great intelligence and capable of facing all the adversities that come their way in life. They are bold, diplomatic people and they hate that things are imposed on them.

Those who have the Bastet sign are usually people who detest routine, are independent and enjoy all the pleasures and their freedom, hence they need to find people with a strong personality to be able to fall in love with.

Their main mission in the world is to help others and they are characterized by being very patient and a bit rebellious.

Selket: From February 16 to March 15

The second sign of the Egyptian zodiac is that of Selket. All those who are born between the dates of said horoscope are patient and hard-working. They are persistent, sensitive, kind people and when they set a goal they fight to achieve it. They are physically and psychologically strong people.

In love they are people who prefer to go step by step but always safely. Despite being a bit introverted, they are romantic, caring and idealistic at times.

The mission they have in life is to teach everyone around them to act selflessly (without any purpose or objective other than the good).

Apep: From March 16 to April 15

Apep is one of the most prominent signs within the Egyptian zodiac since the people under its influence stand out for being intelligent, calculating and powerful. They are characterized by being great leaders, ease of speaking and because of this they are usually the inspiration for other people.

Their calculating makes them great strategists and their self-love and faith makes them wicked of arrogance at times. They love challenges and their mission in this life is to get to control their own impulses since sometimes they fail to control them.

Ptah: From April 16 to May 15

All those born under the influence of the zodiac sign of Ptah are people who seek tranquillity in life, are humble and desire security in every way. They like to live life as an adventure. They are usually the funniest among their friends but when they want to mark distance they usually do it in a hurtful way.

They like to be fashionable and they tend to fall in love easily. They are very familiar people. Its main mission is to be the pillar or base of the family unit.

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Atum: From May 16 to June 15

Now we have the sign Autum (Atum) within the Egyptian horoscope and it is considered one of the signs with the greatest wisdom. All those who are born between the dates of this horoscope are very influential people and capable of developing very intensely in all things in life. They are sensitive and very interested in music. They tend to be relaxed and progressive.

They do not like routine and stability; hence they are lovers of freedom. They tend to reflect a lot on their decisions. They commit themselves in everything they want and in love they need a certain admiration from the other person to be able to present themselves. They are people who tend to adapt quickly to all changes. Their main mission in life is to create unity among people.

Isis: From June 16 to July 15

Isis is one of the goddesses with the greatest presence and name in Egypt and all the people who are influenced by her prefer quality over quantity. They are lovers of harmony, nature and animals. They are very understanding people and capable of understanding others and their mistakes. In love they are very romantic and it is difficult for them to show their feelings. Despite having a rare change of mood, they love being in the company of family. Their mission is to transmit their values ​​to the rest.

Amon Ra: From July 16 to August 15

All those who are born with the Egyptian sign of Ra are honest, organized, loyal, conservative, talkative, friendly and determined people. They are usually understanding but if they think they are right they fight for it. They are people who are successful in the world of work because they are so dedicated. In love they are demanding. They are creative, hence, they tend to stand out from the rest and they love it. His mission in the world is to teach others to love.

Horus: From August 16 to September 15

All people who have the Horus sign are simple people, of great strength, very sincere and lovers of life and everything it offers. Although their appearance is of people of certain rudeness, it is simply appearance. They love to enjoy all the pleasures of life but never in excess.

Those belonging to this horoscope love peace above all things and always have the will to help other people without expecting anything in return. On the romantic level, they are usually 100% involved. Your mission is to help others.

Maat: From September 15 to October 15

Those belonging to the Maat horoscope, in the eyes of others, are people with luck and full of happiness. They have skill and their intelligence makes them win over all people. Being so open-minded and quick-minded people, it makes them able to solve any puzzle that comes their way in life.

Their faith in themselves causes them to be self-centred at times and their ego makes them always be on top of others. They love to be in the company of others that they are always surrounded by friends or their family. In love, they always looks for someone who is a winner in life, hence sometimes they are disappointed. Their main mission is to transmit peace to all those around them.

Osiris: From November 15 to December 15

We are already in the last two signs of the Egyptian horoscope but now we have to talk about Osiris. Those who were born on this sign do not usually keep quiet about things, they are sincere, fair and very direct in everything. They are attractive and know everything that other people want. When they get angry they are difficult to deal with but their anger does not usually last long.

They are excellent counsellors and are very intense in everything, also in love. They are very passionate and very extreme, or it is white, or black. Their main mission is to direct and investigate everything that they are passionate about.

Anubis: From December 16 to January 15

We end with the Egyptian horoscope of Anubis. They are characterized by being people with great courage and that is why they are admired. They are people who like tranquillity and peace, hence they avoid fights but they transform when they get their thing. They are usually very hard-working people and stand out for their effort.

They are patient in everything they do and very disciplined. In love they are people capable of accepting their partner with all their flaws. They tend to look for someone they can admire. Their mission is focused on helping others to be more orderly and organized in their lives.

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