Egyptian Tarot: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The Egyptian Tarot is considered one of the sacred decks, its study being comprised of the knowledge of colours, symbols, and features, where its images are represented by ancient Egypt.

What is Egyptian Tarot?

The Egyptian Tarot cards are known in history for being the first cards created with the power of prophecy, they indicate that this tarot was obtained from the book Thot, considered to be the God of wisdom.

The Egyptian tarot reading is said to be the most accurate and realistic than any other reading as they are considered holy cards.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

You must know the conformation of the cards that make up this tarot, in total there are 78 cards divided into:

  • 56 cards that represent scenes from one’s own life which are part of the Minor Arcana.
  • 22 cards that make up the Major Arcana, represented with the following nomenclature:
egyptian tarot

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are represented by the following Nomenclature:

  • The Magician – The man.
  • The Priestess – It is related to the concept of The Wizard Woman
  • The Empress – It comes to mean the Divine Mother.
  • The Emperor’s Letter.
  • The Hierarch – represents the full weight of the law.
  • Indecision – It is the letter of the lover.
  • El Triunfo – This card stands for the famous War Chariot.
  • Justice – A very interesting card that represents the Arcanum of Job.
  • The Hermit – This powerful card exemplifies The Inaction.
  • The Retribution – The card we all want, the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Persuasion – It is called the tamed lion.
  • The Bet – This is the Sacrifice card.
  • Immortality – It is a card that is synonymous with what we know as Death and Resurrection.
  • Temperance – Represents the Wedding Ceremony or Marriage.
  • The Passion – It is also represented with Typhoon Baphomet.
  • The Fulminated Tower – It comes to resemble the concept of Fragility.
  • Hope – It is represented by the Star.
  • Twilight – This card is also known as the Hidden Enemies card.
  • Inspiration – It becomes our radiant Sun.
  • The resurrection.
  • The Return – Represents the Truth.
  • The Transmutation – Also known as the Fool card.

Differences Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana

Here is a table that summarizes all the aspects that differentiate the arcana:

Major ArcanaMinor arcana
It is made up of twenty-two (22) arcana.It is made up of fifty-six (56) arcana.
They relate to twenty-two (22) letters of the Hebrew alphabet.They contain the letters that belong to the western alphabet.
Here knowledge is represented.They accompany the Major Arcana.
They are of greater power.Its structure is similar to that of the Major Arcana.

How Are The Cards Read In The Egyptian Tarot?

A very interesting way to interpret this tarot is divided into four (4) fundamental steps, which are:

  1. Take the letter, divide it into zones taking into account the structure.
  2. Interpret on the one hand the drawing and symbols that are in the upper part and the middle part of the letter.
  3. Look at the symbols found at the bottom of the card, since these are the ones that correspond to the physical plane.
  4. Finally, taking into account the zodiac and planetary sign that is found in each Egyptian tarot card.

It is important to know that Egyptian letters are characterized by having a lot of wisdom and being very accurate in what they say, whoever consults these letters must understand highly complex drawings and symbols.

The meaning of the cards is represented as follows:

  • Card number 1: implies the present and the consultant.
  • Card number 2: Representation of the future, of the events that may arise later.
  • Card number 3: this card reveals the psychological plane, ideas and opportunities.
  • Letter number 4: is that letter which gives an answer to the question asked.

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