Feng Shui Numbers: Combining Numerology & Feng Shui

In various parts of the planet numerology takes on interesting meanings. Within the western world most of the individuals consider numerology a product of astrology which will give tips, clues and insight concerning somebody’s personality or behaviour.

On the other hand, persons of Asian background or ancestry view numerology in a different way. Feng Shui numbers arise, and things start to get really interesting.

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an understanding and balance of your surroundings so as to reinforce your chi energy (chi embodies all living things). The correct interpretation of Feng Shui is wind and water, and this culture has been used for thousands of years.

At times people will move things around a house or room so as for an area to feel more neutral. Feng Shui numerology in Chinese culture is a crucial a part of choosing phone numbers, addresses, birthdays and other vital numbers.

Individuals who are building homes will time and again hire a Feng Shui specialist to assist them find harmonious spaces for building. This specialist assesses the land and therefore the state of its chi energy. Once an individual agrees to build on the land, the principles of Feng Shui are applied so as to not disturb the flow of positive energy.

Understanding Feng Shui Numerology

As stated above, people of Asian origin take Feng Shui numerology really seriously. Some numbers are considered lucky or unlucky based on the way they sound when being pronounced. For example, if we were to mention “4” loudly in English, it might sound or rhyme with the word “more”. Therefore, this number would be considered lucky.

Superstition and numerology are deciding elements concerning where to live or work if you’re of Asian origin. Individuals will refuse to get a home that’s ideal for them because there’s a 4 or 13 within the address.

Unlucky Numbers

The worst number is four. When the Cantonese say the word, which interprets as “sei”, it seems like death. All numbers which will be simplified right down to four have a poor illustration also. The numbers 13 and 4 are well-thought-out to be the worst.

Lucky Numbers

The number 8 is regarded as a really lucky number. Speaking the word, which interprets as “patt” in Cantonese, sound a lot just like the term “faat”, which stands for wealth and success

Is There A Solution?

Luckily, there’s a therapy for people that have fallen victim to the horrible and unfortunate 4 or 13. so as to correct the Feng Shui of your home or office, you’ll circle the amount . As simple as it looks, a circle is supposed to surround the negative effects of those unlucky numbers.

Thus, an easy solution to repair your numerology Feng Shui is either drawing a circle around the entire number, otherwise you can attend your local home improvement shop and buy a door number that’s put in a circle.

If you’re an individual who trust on the superstitious powers of numerology Feng Shui, and you’ve found the right home apart from your street numbers, the above remedy ought to cause you feel safe and secure upon getting into your new home.

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