How Does Numerology Work

Today find out how does numerology work.

According to numerology, all that is within the earth beats at a precise frequency. When you are able to recognize the vibration rate of a certain object, you will be able to identify the energies and the qualities that are connected with that thing.

It is also likely to find the main frequencies of an individual by using the philosophies of numerology and the name and birth date of that person. A numerological examination or numerology interpretation includes using the calculated frequencies as they link to that person in order to get vital information concerning that individual’s character and behaviour.

By nature, the reduced vibrations are relatively general. Basic vibrations are able to deliver an overall idea of info that can be useful. In finishing a numerology reading, it must be stated that the characteristics that are connected with every vibration are both optimistic as well as undesirable.

Simple Numerology Calculations

There is a basic mathematical process that is used in numerology. The numbers are condensed using simple addition. For instance, let’s consider the number 14. If you sum 1 + 4 then you get 5. Beside the same lines, if you took the number 1984 and sum 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 then you would acquire 23. 23 can then be more reduced to 5 by summing 2 + 3.

In the exercise of numerology, all figures can be reduced to the single numbers 1 through 9 with the omission of 11 and 22 because they are the main vibration rates.

The letters in an individual’s name can be changed to numbers and then maybe added together. These figures can then be subsequently reduced. For instance, the letter A would be number 1 and the letter B would be number 2 and so on and so forth. Underneath is a chart that will display all of the numbers as they are allocated to the 26 letters of the English alphabet:

Numerology Chart Analysis


When you relate these simple mathematical methods to the numbers that are descriptive of a person’s name as well as their birth date then it is conceivable to form four main fundamental elements as well as more than a couple of dozen modifiers.

In performing numerology, the birth date is often the first attention. This date is articulated in a numerical fashion, such as mm/dd/yyyy. This date is used in order to institute the Lifepath Number as well as a host of other elements that are useful in a numerology analysis.

The full birth name can also be transformed to a number as well, as we have seen from the chart above. Usually, the full birth name that was noted on the birth document is the name that is used in all numerology readings.

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