3 Card Tarot: How To Do a 3 Card Tarot Reading?

Do you want to quickly know the predictions of specific questions about your past, present, and future? Many people consider it important to understand what is happening today and what is going to happen by understanding the situations experienced in the past.

Here I explain why the 3 card tarot is a simple and fast method of prophecy. This way you will be able to interpret any specific question because it establishes concrete answers about your past, present and future.

What Is 3 Card Tarot?

As I mentioned before, the three-card tarot turns out to be a simple and effective method of prediction on everything related to the present and the future, analysing in turn what happened in the past. It will answer specific questions about situations that afflict you on a day-to-day basis.

This type of tarot reading is designed to answer very specific questions. You cannot think of general predictions of your future. Therefore, the 3-card tarot will answer your questions about something that worries you quickly and easily.

What Is It or How Does It Work?

You have to ask yourself specific questions about a situation that has occurred, is occurring, or is about to occur (past, present and future). The more detailed the question, the more accurate the answer that the tarot reader will give you.

If, on the contrary, the question is very broad or ambiguous, the answer may not be so reliable. Here I show you some possible questions you can ask if you want to make a three-card tarot reading:

  • Is the job they offered me the right one?
  • Will I be financially successful this year?
  • Will I be successful in this period of my studies?
  • Will the woman / man I like have a date with me?
  • Have I made a good decision by changing careers?
  • How will my health be this year?
  • Will I find a job this year?
  • Will I have a partner soon?

And many other questions that you propose to ask yourself, as long as they are specific about something specific that you want to know.

It is important that you bear in mind that the answers obtained are only advice or a possible alternative for action. The final decision must be made according to what you are interested in solving. The three card tarot is an aid or guide for you to act in the best way.

How Are The Cards Read In The Three Card Tarot?

This tarot is a quick and easy prophecy method. However, the tarot reader must know very well how to read it, because each card has a meaning that must be interpreted depending on the question you have asked.

To read the cards in the three-card tarot, the following steps are followed:

  1. Think about the first question, you choose the first card, which is related to your emotions. It will respond to how you felt in the past.
  2. Think about the second question, you choose the second card, which is related to your daily life. Present your concern in the present.
  3. Think about the third question, you choose the third card. It will be the future answer to your question.

This is how each card corresponds to a specific time space that the tarot reader will take into account to interpret it, depending on the question you have asked yourself.

I hope this information about the 3-card Tarot has been of great help. Remember the interpretation of reality is unique and you can only do it yourself.

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