Chinese Tarot: How To Read The Chinese Tarot Cards

The Chinese Tarot is also known as the tarot of the golden dragon, representing ancient China through illustrations, it is made up of 78 cards which are divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

What Is the Chinese Tarot?

China, with a millenary culture and with its culture, philosophy and traditional customs, makes its tarot allow us to know the deepest aspects of our interior through an inner journey that will allow us to discover everything that surrounds us and affects us.

The Chinese Tarot should be consulted in perfect mental and physical balance since it focuses on energies from the Tao, which is where we have the balance of yin and yang.

How Does It Work?

In order to understand how this tarot works, you must have knowledge of what the moon, sun, and stars mean, knowing this will guarantee us the best reading of cards. Its meaning is as follows:

  • The moon: represents the past.
  • The sun: represents the present
  • The star: represents the future.

How To Read The Chinese Tarot Cards?

You should know in advance that there is no single way to read this tarot, it all depends on the tarot reader and how he develops his predictive qualities. I explain some basic steps that are developed in reading the letters:

  • You must put the cards in order so as not to alter the reading.
  • The cards are scattered out on the desk.
  • They are revealed in the shape of the hands of the clock.
  • The cards continue to be divided into three piles.
  • The divisions represent the past, present and future.
  • You must select one card from each division.
  • Have a lot of concentration and stable energy for your performance.
  • Interpretation of the cards

To guarantee the best interpretation of the reading of the letters, the consultant must receive a brief explanation of the letters, that is, he must know how the structure of the letter is.

The cards are slightly larger than those of the other tarot cards, they have large and colourful illustrations of ancient China.

In the upper part they have the number corresponding to the enumeration of the cards, and in their lower part is the name that it has, which the tarot reader must interpret its meaning to the consultant.

Importance of Energy

This is a tarot that has very much involved concentration, calm and stabilization of energy both as the tarot reader and the consultant, since the best interpretation of the reading depends on it.
To guarantee a correct and adequate interpretation of the reading, it is recommended to follow these guidelines:

  • Be in a serene environment.
  • Have no anxiety or negative thoughts.
  • Attend the consultation with great peace of mind.
  • Do not interfere with the reading of the letters.
  • Before starting reading, clarify doubts.
  • Have perfect physical and mental harmony.

You should know that at the moment of reading the cards there is a transmission of energy from the tarot reader to the cards, which is why absolute silence must be made and be mentally serene.

Precise Questions In The Consultant

When the reading of the letters begins, the consultant must have in mind a question that is clear, precise and concrete in order that correct answers can be given.

To give better results to the answer to the question that the consultant has, it is recommended that the cards be observed closely before and during the interpretation of the cards.

This is a very spiritual tarot, keep your thoughts and energies in serenity.

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