Meaning of Dreaming About Water

Know the meaning of dreaming about water? Water is one of the substances that we find most on the surface of the earth. Formed by two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, it is one of the elements that we usually find as part of many others and ourselves, and that is why we have it unconsciously present. In general, water is found in a liquid state in the sea, lakes, rivers, but we can also find it in a gaseous and solid-state. As an outstanding note, water is the basis of life and of our existence, so we must take care of it and not waste it.

If we focus on dreams and their interpretations, dreaming of water has many meanings and being so common and repetitive we must pay attention since it always depends on our state of mind or on some good or bad situation that we have experienced. It also depends a lot on the type of water we dream of as well as the context of the dream itself. Dreams with water and other elements and even animals often appear and that we are now going to solve. If it is the case that we dream that we are drowning in the sea, it means that we are in a state of despair because of the problems we have.

Dream About Dirty Water

Dirty water, can be understood as a negative thing but sometimes, dreaming of something unpleasant does not have to be bad. In this case, dreaming of dirty water has a lot to do with the emotional state you are in. It is usually related to the feelings and emotions we live.

Dreams with dirty water seek to get your attention and alert you to those emotions that you have inside and that you are not able to bring out or manage. These emotions are usually related to anger, sadness, hatred, envy, negative feelings that do not do you good.

meaning of dreaming about water

Dream of Calm Water

Dreaming of calm waters is usually interpreted as the arrival of calm, good times and spiritual peace. For many it is the arrival of the inner peace of a reconciliation with oneself and of a state of calm and tranquillity after dark moments. The calm water is usually clean, which tells us that success is yet to come and that we also have good relationships with other people, another indication of the good time we are living and that we have to select the right path.

Dream of Clean Water

Dreaming of clean water has a clear meaning of renewal, change of life and renewed strength. Here we also go into the interpretations and variations of dreams when it seems like clean water. You can dream that you are swimming through clean waters, and this is interpreted with the state of total tranquillity in which you find yourself. It is possible that you dream of drops of clean water, which means that you have hidden and deep feelings and that little by little they are manifesting.

Dream About Sea Water

If you have dreamed of seawater you should know that it depends a lot on the state of the sea to be able to interpret the dream. It can have positive and negative connotations, depending on its state as we have already commented, but we must also know that everything depends on our mood and attitude that we have in front of things and in our life.

Having dreams of the sea are usually related to emotions and reveal the state of mind that we really have. If you simply dream of the sea, it is because you are a demanding person with yourself and in everything you do. If the sea water is calm, it symbolizes a new life and that you have to look ahead with a smile. If there are big waves in the sea water or that it is rough, it is an indication of a lack of tranquillity. If we dream that we fall into the sea it is that we are in a state of anguish due to some failure.

Dream About Cloudy Water

If you dream that you are in the middle of cloudy water, it is usually interpreted that you are in a complicated situation, that the situations and experiences that you are living and that are happening to you are overtaking you. Cloudy water is an indication of external and internal problems, such as when you have dreams of flooding with this type of water, since it is interpreted as a struggle you have with your inner self and that they are harming you physically and emotionally.

Dream of Transparent / Crystal Clear Water

Dreams related to transparent or crystalline water mean or are closely linked to the emotional state of our mind. If our dream appears that we are bathing in the sea with crystal clear water, it means that we should not worry about any difficulties that may exist and that we are in a moment of tranquillity and happiness. If you dream of a lake of transparent water but you are not bathing, the interpretation of the dream is that you have desires that you cannot achieve but you are fighting for them. If you find yourself floating in crystal clear water, then you accept everything that is happening to you in life, whether good or bad.

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