Meaning of Number 666

Want to know what the number 666 means? Do you want to know why a triple 6 appears to you repeatedly? This article helps you discover the true meaning of number 666 appearance in your life.

The number 666 has several meanings. For the Church, triple 6 represents absolute evil, also known as the number of the beast, although this is not very clear according to some specialists who have collected information for years. The simple number 6 has no negative connotation but as indicated in the Bible and more specifically in the Apocalypse, 666 appears as the sign of evil.

Within the science of numerology, the 6 repeated three times is a sign from the angels warning us that our thoughts and actions are focusing on the material and that it is not correct. If you repeatedly see the 666 they are throwing a signal to you to stop wanting or thinking about the material and focus on what really matters, enrich your spirit, help your neighbour and be with family and friends. If you focus your thoughts, both the material needs you need as well as the emotional ones, little by little they will be fulfilled without more.

Repeated Number 6 Symbology

The number 6 represents order, justice and truth above all. At the personality level, people who have a 6 are cute and very cute and their character makes them be at the extremes of everything. Although they do not know themselves, they know how to appreciate the details of life and family life. They tend to withstand pressure very well both at work and in adverse circumstances.

The triple 6 warns us that we are focusing on the material world, also related to the absolute evil that is spoken of in the Bible, and that this will not lead us to happiness. It is more worthwhile to be helping and to be with yours since the material comes and goes while what you want most is to take care of it so as not to lose it.

Numerology 666 sends us the strength and intensity of the qualities of the number six in a triple way, qualities that are related to:

Pay attention to everything that makes you feel good.

Know and manage all those emotions that predominate in your day to day.

You must not let your guard down at any time and that your emotions are calm.

Messages That Send Us With The Number 666

After knowing the meaning of the number 666 within numerology, we must stop at those messages that do not try to reach us when we see this digit repeatedly during our lives:

You must know how to detach yourself from the material things that fill you to know how to find true happiness without depending on the material.

Your life, until now, has always depended on external things to be happy and it is time to meet you and value the experiences that life gives you.

During the path of life there are a lot of dangers and you should not be innocent or naive.

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