Number 1 Meaning: What Does 1 Mean In Numerology?

Chances are you’ve landed on this article because you are searching for number 1 meaning. In this article, I am going to explain briefly the number 1 meaning in numerology in order for you to understand how it works.

Number 1 is the original force and it’s most common personality consist of self-assurance, aggressive and they can effortlessly overcome problems; they are furthermore independent and display some leadership skills. Other qualities consist of courage, progressive, rebellious, and uncompromising. Its shape plainly reflects how one can walk confidently upright with strength, pride, and determination.

Individuals with this number tend to be willing to try new things. This number comes with negative traits such as weak, stubborn, undisciplined, and selfish. In astrology, number 1 can be linked with Mercury.

Numerology 1 Personality

Number 1 is within the basic numbers, one of the extreme independent thanks to its vibrations. It is the symbol of unity, the starting point, the beginning of everything, and it is the unit of reference in mathematics. The symbolism of the number 1 is reflected with the symbol of the sun and is characterized by its power.

It is energy in an original state but also imaginative, unique, optimistic and restless force although it is usually an individualistic, self-centred person and does not generally agree that things are enforced on it. He is obsessed with doing things his own way, which is why he rarely accepts that someone will reply or contradict him in his actions or simple advice.

Another of the positive characteristics of number 1 is that of having a brilliant mind, with great agility and intensity in any initiative that is planned. They tend to have a strong and stubborn character, a true dynamic leader who is full of energy but must know how to control himself for that energy not be turned against him. Being so individual, self-control is key to taking the reins of the life you want to lead that sometimes they often sacrifice their happiness. Its great adaptability and its sense of survival make it an off-road vehicle for life and a lover of competitiveness.

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What Personality Number 1 Mean?

The number 1 governs and controls the brain and the thoughts for what sometimes have misperception of greatness. By living with such intensity, enthusiasm and dynamism, they tend to do recklessness things due to having a young, rebellious and lively spirit that leads them to give everything in what they set out to do. This type of personality usually gives a lot of importance to the material and especially to the money. They do not generally value those individuals who have no material objectives in their lives.

Life Path Number 1 Love Life

He is not usually a person who is open to others and less in private matters and in his feelings, rather they are reserved, but behind that shell they have built they are usually kind and affectionate. In general, they are usually very passionate in love since they allow themselves to be carried away by their power and energy.

They don’t like feeling tied down because of their individualism and are always looking for someone who will accept them as they are, which is why they are so selective when it comes to finding a partner. They are not characterized by their fantasy but they are absorbent and their adaptability makes life at home very bearable.

Very passionate and jealous people

Being so loving and living everything with such passion, makes jealousy one of its features, although it does not frequently display them as their way of existence makes them go inside. This passion means that in the area of ​​commitment they are the ones who set their own standards as a form of self-affirmation.


The number 1 is compatible with number 2, number 3 and number 5.

Life path 1 and 2 compatibility: The two is complemented almost perfectly with the number 1 thanks to the fact that they tend to have a very comprehensive character and are usually perfectly adapted to all circumstances. Another of their characteristics is that they like to please, what they usually attend to any wish or request that is made to them. A relationship between ONE and TWO can work as long as they know how to combine both qualities and know how to cope with moments of tension.

Life path 1 and 3 compatibility: The number 3 offers other virtues that the number 1 requires to be more stable and not to get carried away by its momentum. The energy of the 3 complements itself very well and its very balanced personality makes one feel very attracted. This balance means that the relationship can be maintained without many extra help and understandings are easily reached in discussions.

Life path 1 and 5 compatibility: The number 5 is a source of admiration and breathing for the one, so the relationship is very fast. Also, together they match with hyperactivity and uniqueness, which enables the realisation of a couple.


There are some numbers that do not generally have a decent attraction with the number 1 and here they are 1, number 8, and number 9. Their energy and vibrations are very similar to that of one, which makes them incompatible.

What Does The Number 1 Mean Spiritually?

The number 1 also signifies the unity between God the Father and His Son Jesus (John 10:30). Jesus, by his extraordinary sacrifice, has made possible the forgiveness of all our evils. He is the single Mediator and Guide (1Timothy 2:5; John 10:16) in the life time of a Christian.

Life Path Number 1 Careers

Here’s some of the best numerology number 1 careers:

  • Public speakers
  • Writers
  • Consultants
  • Business owners
  • Performers
  • Musicians
  • Politicians
  • Teachers
  • Healers
  • Freelancers
  • Directors
  • Artists
  • Inventors
  • Activists
  • Professors
  • Realtors
  • Pilots
  • Policemen
  • International relations professionals
  • Surgeons
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists or behavioural therapists
  • Designers
  • Builders
  • Photographers
  • Radio broadcasters
  • Photojournalists or journalists
  • Guides and travellers
  • Activity leaders
  • Fitness or sports coaches
  • Geographers
  • Architects and engineers.

Number 1 at Work

His strong character and leadership skills drive him to constantly seek victory without thinking of others. Sometimes, to carry out his actions and objectives, he does not hesitate to use other people for his own benefit. They are hardly integral in a work team but their brilliant mind makes them usually have great professional successes.

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The Number 1 at Home

In the family environment they are usually good parents and enjoy all kinds of meetings and gatherings with family and friends. Their eagerness to make an effort makes them always fulfil their commitments and they are usually very strict regarding their punctuality.

It’s Strength

One of the things that must be highlighted in number 1 is its strength, drive and ambition that permeates all its actions and objectives. His high intellect, instinct and common sense make him somebody with great business talents and effortlessly draws money. He has a great aspiration to develop himself daily and an absolute love for the family.

It’s Weakness

His winning character makes him very selfish and individualistic in all his actions. He tries to exercise his authority over others, believing himself superior to all and he loses power. His fear of disappointment makes him tend to plunge into sadness and be miserable. His interest in the material things surpasses others and his lack of doubts makes him almost always get what he wants in life.

Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 1

Here is a choice of boy names for your baby with number 1 in numerology:


Baby Girl Names with Numerology Number 1

Here is a choice of girl names for your baby with number 1 in numerology:

ZoeSolMariamMaría José
Ana IsabelCamilleCarinaCarolina

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