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What Does The Number 11 Mean In Numerology?

The number eleven, within numerology, is one of the digits called teachers, as well as 22 and 33. Each of these numbers is attributed a meaning and a series of properties that make them different and therefore it also affects the personality and the way of achievement of those who have it.

The 11, or double 1, has repetition of traits and personality of the 1 and if we reduce it as it is usually done in numerology, we obtain the 2 (1 + 1). From this replication, the masculine energy of Zeus is obtained, with the number 1, and the feminine energy of Hera, with the number 2. These digits are on opposite sides in regard to the energy where the 1 represents creativity and imagination. 2 receptivity and where the combination of both surpasses all other numbers and combinations.

number 11 meaning

But what is the meaning of the number 11? The number 11 symbolizes idealism, energy, determination, strength, interaction and many paradoxes since, according to what we have observed, the union of two forces so great and opposite, there are constant tensions and frictions. The number 11 are generally those individuals who lead others thanks to their will power, energy and intuition. He is used to leading teams but almost without knowing it since energy expires through all his holes.

Eleven is at a higher level when it comes to knowledge. His mental state is between the world of archetypes and the impartial, allowing thoughts, ideas and knowledge to reach him without the need to go through a complex rational process. Assumed mental agility allows him to invent and draw conclusions that others take to develop. From there the 11 is related to inventors, artists, leaders of any area as well as prominent figures in society, charismatic politicians, etc…

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His way of being and his high intuitive capacity makes him engage in self-reflections and sometimes self-criticism. Sometimes he recognises his prominence in the people around him and in everything he does. This is why he is sometimes frustrated since his demands and expectations of himself are very high. These expectations, sometimes unrealistic, cause that sometimes the objectives they have are not met and this is when many lose confidence or fall into depression.

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Personality Number 11

Eleven stands out above the other numbers for having great communication skills, for being very charming and for its charisma. They are accustomed to having a preference for professions such as journalism, the art world and teaching. It also stands out for having a great ability to transmit knowledge and to lead talks and anything that is proposed.

His way of life makes him have a great ambition to achieve everything he wants and succeed in the world of work. You postpone your goals above everything else, so you may pay more attention to your work than to your family or emotional environment.

What Does 11 Mean In a Dream?

Seeing number 11 in dreams may be signifying partnerships, equal opportunity, and stability. It may also point out a desire for spiritual awakening and development.

Keep seeing 11 in your dream may specify new events, opportunities, and/or growth.

What Does The Number 11 Mean Spiritually?

The number 11 is significant in that it can indicate disorder, anarchy and judgment. In the Bible, number 11 is emphasized 24 times and “11th” can be revealed 19 times.

Coming just after number 10 (which symbolises law and accountability), the number 11 signifies the reverse, which is the recklessness of breaking the Law, which brings chaos and judgment.

Meaning of Number 11 In Love

His idea of ​​life stops to fulfil his mission and tends to be indifferent to other people, but that does not mean that he does not give or show feelings. Number 11 is sensitive and passionate and his great self-confidence helps him in those most difficult moments of the romantic life that he leads.

Numerology 11 Life Path

Being a master number it has a special importance and energy. His mission in life is to work with the aim of trying to improve society and the world. Throughout his life he seeks to discover his main purpose and being an idealistic person, when discovering his goals he will leave everything else to dedicate himself exclusively to his mission.

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The main characteristics of the eleven is its ability to lead. They have great determination to achieve what has been proposed. Being an idealistic person incapacitates you to abandon your goals. This way of existence creates certain conflicts in his environment since few can follow him because of his great energy and being a very ambitious person.

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