Number 13 Meaning: Keep Seeing The Number 13?

In this article you will discover the meaning of the number 13?

I Keep Seeing The Number 13 What Does It Mean?

Do you keep on seeing the number 13 everywhere? The number 13 is undoubtedly one of the most controversial numbers in popular culture and numerology as it is generally associated with bad luck but has many meanings depending on the culture.

number 13 meaning

We all know the bad luck sayings referring to that number such as “Tuesday 13” or “Friday 13” but far from being a problematic number or related to bad luck, it is quite the opposite since the 13th refers to days of strong energy and that is when sorceresses and healers would gather together to use that energy to their advantage.

The number 13 is a sacred number and although it is true that it is related to death it must not be related to destruction or as something bad since it can mean the arrival of a change or a stage of transformation and can be associated with a more positive change than negative.

Within numerology, those with a number 13 have the power and ability to change certain aspects of their lives, but for them, they have to work hard and above all, be honest with themselves and with others. For these people, it is vital that they manage their behaviors to have good relations with other people.

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Number 13 Symbolism: Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 13?

The number 13 is made up of two digits 1, which represents God, the creative energy, the number of the beginning of the end, which is very impulsive, in short, it is a number with a lot of energy and leadership power. The second number that makes up 13 is 3, a number that represents expansion and carries a large light.

The union of two numbers as powerful as 1 + 3 makes 13 and hence its great power, strength and momentum. Those who are 13 are said to be very unpredictable, determined and difficult to contain. They are said to have great internal conflicts and this is because if the two digits (1 + 3) are added together, 4 does result, a very constructive number that represents stability.

Number 13 Spiritual Meaning

The number 13 is representative of revolt and lawlessness. The lengthiest name of a book, Thessalonians, is 13 characters. The dragon, a sign for devil, is found 13 times in Revelation. Satan is responsible for all revolt against God.

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Number 13

As we have already mentioned, 13 contains a great power that few know how to control in the personality of people according to numerology, however, thirteen has a more hidden or negative side, depending on how you look at it, and that is that those people who have this number are characterized by their intolerance towards other people. A problem that must be faced by being thoughtful and understanding the different points of view of each one of them.

Another of the hidden points of the 13th number is laziness, a flaw that can cause you to abandon any project at hand. Although they are impulsive and energetic people, they do not always achieve everything they set out to do and it is simply because they are not motivated enough and they get tired.


Love of The Number 13

Although many think otherwise, number 13 has a lot to do with love. This number is associated with the goddess Freya, a goddess of Norse and Germanic mythology and who is described as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. There are countless stories where said goddess is described and referred to and invoked in order to obtain fertility in love.

Significance of Number 13 In Tattoos

Numbers are repeatedly used often in the world of tattoos. They are generally used to remember an extraordinary date (for instance, the date of birth of a kid) or to represent something superior for the person wearing it.

There is a wide variety of tattoos with numbers. Roman numerals are also often used, a classic for tattoo artists.

Many tattoos with the 13 do represent Loki, one of the Norwegian and other civilization myths and representing treason and bad luck. Many others use thirteen to symbolize shadows or bad karma, as is the case in the world of tarot.

For an extended time, tattoos have been linked with rebellion and freedom, even though recently they are becoming more fashionable. It should be noted that criminal gangs such as the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), many of their followers have a number 13 tattooed to represent the gang.

Positive Traits of 13

Without a doubt, and as we have already commented above, they are people capable of leaving mistakes and everything that they set out to do in order to continue with their own. Although the changes are bad, they are able to adapt and accept them. Only by doing what they want will they find themselves and be happy.

Meaning of 13 For The Mayans

For the Mayas, the number 13 has a special and sacred meaning since it represents the thirteen moon phases. Within the Mayan calendar, there are 3 accounts, the galactic, solar and lunar. Its duration is 365 days that are divided into 13 moon phases of 28 days each.

If we go into detail, the Mayas understood 13 as a number that allowed them to return to heaven in order to meet again with their essential being. They used to talk more about 12 + 1 to refer to 13, hence 12 represented the temple and 13 the Most High. If you take a note at the Mayan monuments a lot of them have 12 columns and an altar.

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Popular Sayings With 13

Within the popular proverbs, there are some sayings that are related to the number 13 and that now I am going to describe and explain its meaning and especially when they are said.

Tuesday the 13th, don’t tie the knot or leave your house.” This myth originated from the common theories of Spain, Greece, and Latin America, until now they do not have any scientific basis and a large part of them are born from the manias or phobias of some by the number 13.

This myth is held true as the day “Tuesday” in Greek mythology denotes the God of war. A day ruled by a red planet, the one related to the destruction of things, blood and violence. Another myth explains that the well-known story of the confusion of languages ​​that occurred in the Tower of Babel happened on Tuesday the 13th, another reference to take into account.

Another reference has said the number related to bad luck is “Friday the 13th”. For many, the Fridays that coincide with the 13th are an unlucky day for Anglo-Saxons. This comes from an investigation from years ago where it was determined that certain people considered that day a bad day but it was really because they were tired due to stress and where their concentration was not the most appropriate.

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