Number 8 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 8?

Are you familiar with the numerology number 8 meaning? If not, let me start by decoding what does the number 8 mean in numerology.

It is the most misinterpreted number of all and can also be known as ‘balance and power’. The 8s are usually business minded people who are influential, powerful and can value control. Most of 8s end up taking the management position because they are good judges of personality, talented, stable, street smart, successful, well-organized and realistic.

This number also has a dark side and its negative side consist of greedy, harsh, bullish and insensitive. In astrology, number 8 can be connected with Leo.

Significance of Number 8

number 8 meaning

The number 8 signifies those individuals with a magnificent character, very determined in attaining their goals and its horoscope equal is Saturn. They are folks with a great ambition and a great willpower. They are people with great energy and who love success and that is why they do everything they have to do to achieve it regardless of what happens. When something is put between their eyebrows, they do their best to get it and don’t let anyone get in the way.

They are easily impressed by their high degree of sensitivity and everything related to the doctor, whether they are operations or anything that happens and bleeds scares them. They are very independent individuals and great planners so it guides them to desire for success and continuously think big and always strive for the best.

The number 8 are realistic, practical and constructive in all their actions and that is why they do not get carried away by emotions and are not easily fooled either. When they have to make a decision they study it and analyse it so as not to be mistaken. They are totally in control of themselves and they know how to control themselves in any situation, that’s why they have everything under control, whether in their professional or romantic life.

Today you can learn further more about those individuals who have an 8 in their name and know 8 meaning in numerology.

Numerology 8 Personality

The number 8 has a strong and arrogant personality and that sometimes frightens those who want to approach. They are persons who go through their lives with tremendous security. They are very cunning and shrewd people in everything they propose and they do not hesitate to use all their ingenuity to achieve their goals.

Their strong personality and desire for success at times drive them to influence individuals in their interest. They have a magnetism that I fall in love with and have a great power of conviction.

Of refined taste, the number 8 have no harm in despising all those who do not resemble them, such as the clumsy or those who do not meet their standards of perfection.

They love fun, very outgoing and persuasive which makes a lot of people like them. They are enthusiastic people in all their facets of life and they spread their enthusiasm. They seek to live life to the fullest and do not usually miss any opportunity that appears to them.

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Number 8 Meaning In Love

Being a very difficult person to know in depth, it can sometimes surprise. As soon as they are affectionate as suddenly they are indifferent to what many consider the eight to be a hypocritical person.

As they are ambitious people and with a great dowry of conviction, they usually dazzle people so they generate admiration but in the sentimental sense they are not usually very faithful.

Their character makes them jealous when they indulge in a relationship and when they get tired they cut it short. They constantly seek love to soften their character and tend to open up to love whenever the person fits them.

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Number 8 is compatible with 4 (four) and number 9 (nine):

Compatibility with 4: Your affinity with number 4 is at an expert level with material intentions.

Compatibility with 9: They tend to form a good team when they do not focus on the material, so they can be a clear sentimental conjunction (More information on number 9).


The 8 does not usually complement very well with other eights and with the ones since they are very strong characters and with a strong dominant personality.

What Does The Number 8 Mean Spiritually?

The number 8 is important to such an extent that it is utilized multiple times in the Bible. It is the representation of Resurrection and Regeneration. In Bible numerology, 8 means fresh start; it signifies new creation, and man’s actual born again’ occasion when he is revived from the dead into everlasting life.”

Since 8 comes after 7, the number of wholeness representing a completion to something, it suggests 8 is linked with the start of another period or that of a fresh mandate.

Eight is representative of the New Life, the expected Resurrection (the baptism of devotees) and the final Resurrection (raising up dead holy people).

What Does The Number 8 Mean In a Dream?

Keep seeing the number 8 everywhere?

The number 8 is a distinctive number to get in a dream because it is generally the manner the universe expresses that it is at all times loving for us.

Number 8 Symbolism

  • A good number, linked to the success.
  • It is the number of the relaxing day, after the 7th day of the conception.
  • It is the sign of the new Life, the last Resurrection and the predicted Resurrection that is the baptism.
  • Number of the flawlessness, the eternity.
  • 8 is the complete amount of Chakras of the man
  • Signify the entirety and the rationality of the creation in evolution

Life Path 8 Meaning

The Number 8-This number is connected with action and will and communicates to the capacity of an individual to manage the less important aspects of life.

When there is a single number 8 present the individual is generally good with specifics and will be careful.

When there are double number 2s present the individual will be more of a go-getter than a spectator. Once their thoughts is complete, they will mostly not change it.

When there are 3 number 8s present the individual will have an interest in physical belongings and will do fine with business.

When there are 4 number 8s present there will be curiosity in traveling. This somebody is often impatient and will need continuous change.

Destiny Number 8 Meaning

Individuals with the Destiny number 8 reach fame and start to grow their managerial skills, occupy significant positions and have become better-off in their deteriorating years. Persons with the Destiny number 8 accepts power, its established recognition and monetary rewards.  They withstand the pressure, they improve adaptive ability, and they rapidly come to life. In spite of the fact that they are devoted to their families, it is hard to discover an appropriate life companion.

Life Path 8 Careers

Life path number 8 perform well in careers of influence and can make a brilliant venture capitalist, manage big enterprises or businesses ;

  • Politician
  • Surgeon
  • Head of education
  • Financial managers
  • Head of an organization
  • Banker
  • Civil engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government worker
  • Work in law enforcement
  • Psychiatry.

Number 8 at Work

His winning character and in constant search for success, makes 8 the perfect executive capable of driving and motivating great work teams. He is very demanding and seek the same from his co-workers. They tend to show great enthusiasm in everything they set out to do and often influence their peers.

They seek recognition at work and always seek to excel in search of perfection. His skills as a speaker allow them to make their way in any professional area where politics stands out. They usually adapt to any work situation.

Number 8 at Home

The number 8 are happy and fun and at home they are loving and friendly but sometimes their strong character comes out as a little dictator. Their dedication to fulfilling their objectives means that sometimes they spend more time in the workplace than in their family, but when they get home, they give themselves to theirs like no one else.


They are very emotional, sensitive and very nice people. They like to open up to people so they are very social and have a great sense of humour. They are spontaneous and adaptable to changes. Their great ability to speak and intelligence helps them find success. They are refined and with a great taste for style.

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A difficult character to understand with a tendency to lie. They are usually very twofold and extreme and sometimes hypocritical. They do not like to make decisions and have very few principles when it comes to achieving what they set out to do. They tend to be unfaithful, jealous and very disorganised.

Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 8

Here is a selection of baby names for your baby with number 8 in numerology:


Baby Girl Names with Numerology Number 8

Here is a selection of girl names for your baby with number 8 in numerology

LauraGiselaHelenJuan Antonio

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