Cracking The Numerology Number 2 Personality Code

Those with numerology personality number 2 are ruled by the moon with some of the masculine powers of the sun. The number 2 is known to signify duality. Diplomacy is at the heart of this number. 

Numbers have a large influence on our lives. Numerology is the study of the influence of those numbers on our lives.

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What You Will Learn

Positive Attributes 

Number 2s carry a sense of stability to everything. They are able to understand all sides of the problem. They look for a peaceful result in all circumstances. Bickering or quarreling is very unsettling. They make great mediators. They are very understanding. Number 2s are good diplomats. They are intuitive and understanding in nature.

When individuals search for authentic advice, they regularly look for a number 2 personality. They tend to be very philosophical in nature. Number 2s are well-liked by all. People are naturally drawn to a number 2. They are an asset in all relationships. They are very tactful in their dealings with others. They are kind and loving of others, every so often to the disadvantage of themselves. 

Negative Attributes 

Those dealing with the negative qualities of the number 2 personality often suffer from the anxiety of making a blunder. They fear being alone. They are obedient e to others and can have low self-confidence. They are easily exploited. Low self-esteem levels can make it hard for number 2s to make a verdict. They can become physically ill when trying to make a difficult decision.

They must overcome indecisiveness and doubt to fully succeed in life. Number 2s in the negative can be extremely cynical. Small things have a larger effect on a number 2 than on other personality numbers. They must take care to not lose faith over the small things. There is a tendency toward laziness. Laziness will hinder number 2s from grasping their full potential. They have an inability to perform routine work. This leads to a insecurity of wealth.

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They need to learn to support their creativity with a rock-solid work ethic. Numerology number 2 personalities may suffer from stomach and gastrointestinal problems. These can be linked to the anxiety triggered by decision making. Nervous system problems and sleeplessness are too common in number 2 personalities. 

Careers Of Numerology 2 Personality

Number 2s flourish where there is creativeness and a sense of stability. They do well in creative careers. Music, painting, art of many kinds and writing fiction, poetry, or plays are all worthwhile endeavours for a number 2 personality. 


Numerology number 2 personalities seek balance and peace in all things. Equilibrium is very important to the number 2. They do well in solving problems for others, however must learn to make resolutions for themselves. They need to learn to keep a level head when challenged with problems and to stand with their decisions. Number 2s are innovative and are a great benefit in friendships and associations of all types.

Many numbers are at play in the multifaceted make up of any one individual. Those guided mainly by the number 2 are alleged to have number 2 traits and will find themselves in this group in most of their relations.

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