Phone Number Numerology: Which Mobile Number Is Good For Business?

Today on this post you will learn about phone number numerology.

Mobile phones are as prevalent as televisions these days; everybody has one or two. This technology picked up within the first few years of the millennium, and it indicate no sign of slowing down. Tons of individuals feel a sense of attachment to their phones, and for a number of reasons: it gives them a means of getting and staying in-touch with their friends and loved ones, and it too provides them with unlimited hours of entertainment.

Numerology is the study of numbers in reference to one’s destiny and future, and it can now be applied to your phone number. On this article, we’ll take a glance at how different phone numbers can probably change the course of your future. That being said, please take this info with a grain of salt as numerology is an art that keeps changing.

Phone Number Analysis

If you’ve got a phone number whose individual numbers indicate an upward path, you’re said to be fortunate. This will be translated to mean that you simply are susceptible to be the receiver of the many opportunities in life. You’re also likely to possess a smooth and straightforward progression in life, which you’ll be ready to face any storm with ease and confidence.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got a phone number with many 4’s and 8’s, you’re more likely to face a challenging life compared to the average person. This is so as numerology seems to take the combination of those two numbers with doubt.

Please lookout for accidents, frustrations, spanners thrown in your life plans and also unforeseen emergencies. As a rule of thumb, you must consider exchanging this number to draw in a more favourable destiny, or consider having backup plans at whatever period of life you’re in.

If you’ve got many 6’s in your phone number, prepare for a grand old time. This is often because 6 is considered lucky, with the sole exception being if you’ve got a birth date with a 3 in it. Persons that have an abundance of 6’s in their phone numbers are seen as romantic, imaginative folks that are fun to be around. But, please note that you simply shouldn’t get too relaxed since 6 may cause you to indulge in immoral activities.

If you’ve got a plenty of 5’s and 2’s in your phone number, you’ll have to watch out for tons of uncertainties in your life. If the 5’s and 2’s closely follow one another, you may start facing problems on the romantic or marriage front.

Numbers that mix many 8’s and 5’s also as 8’s and 2’s are thought to be unlucky because persons that have these sorts of phone numbers are more likely to suffer from mental problems like anxiety, misery and too much worrying.


If you’re considering to attract luck, look into selecting numbers with lots of 1’s, 9’s, 7’s and 6’s. Whatever your birth combination is, consider merging these numbers to influence your destiny as well as good fortune going onward in life.

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