Roman Numerals 1 to 30

We are now in the third ten Roman numerals, the first 30. Here I will explain and show you the complete list of Roman numerals 1 to 30 and I am sure that it will help you to know a little more about a historical numbering that is still used in many areas and fields. I will show you this number in order and it will be useful for whatever you need. From my point of view, the first thirty Roman numerals are those that you have to master, as well as their rules, but the 30 are the ones that you are sure to see at the moment or hear it from there that you should know them.

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There is no doubt that Roman numerals continue to be used and will continue to do so as an important part of our history. Although currently it is used in specific moments, it is important to know said numbering either by general culture as to be able to understand our origins and history. From this humble page, we recommend that at least the rules of generation of these numbers and the main numbers be mastered so as not to fall into ignorance.

Roman Numerals Up to 30

1: I2: II3: III4: IV5: V6: VI7: VII8: VIII9: IX10: X
11: XI12: XII               13: XIII14: XIV15: XV16: XVI17: XVII               18: XVIII19: XIX20: XX

Roman numerals from 10 to 10 to 30

Here are the tens of the roman numerals from 1 to 30.

  • 10: X
  • 20: XX
  • 30: XXX

pdfDownload the pdf of the complete list of the first 30 Roman numerals.

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