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Taureans are firm, trustworthy, and grounded. They are stable and composed. They’re smart without being overly intelligent. They’re unlikely to venture out for the unknown but will choose comfortable territory. They’re patient, dependable, and caring.

What Does The Zodiac Sign Taurus Mean?

It is governed by the planet Venus, and being the earth element means consolidation. It is believed that it could have reached its present symbol from the Cretan Bull, a mythological beast.

Without hesitation, it also signifies persistence and determination, two features that perfectly adapt him to a calm life, even though his stubbornness can lead to conflicts with other people.

At work, Taureans are great creative individuals, good with their hands. You can rely on a Taurus; they make good bosses and executives. They do well in the careers of banking, architecture, farming, medicine, or chemistry. These are professions in which you can be innovative but within the context of established practices and science. Taureans are good employees and not susceptible to mistakes. Since they’re not big risk-takers, they can be trusted with the company money and are totally dependable and responsible.

In the zodiac, Great Year, the Age of Taurus happened roughly 4300-2150 BCE which saw the rise of Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. This was the time of the Bronze era in Greece, the rise of Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. This was an era categorized by the evolution of agriculture and the construction of pyramids and megaliths. Bull cults were widespread in Assyria, Egypt, Crete.

Celebrities Whose Zodiac Sign Is Taurus

Famous Taurus people have shined in all walks of life. They include:

  • Socrates
  • George Lucas
  • George Carlin
  • Martha Graham
  • Margot Fonteyn
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Jerry Seinfeld.

As a companion or lover, Taureans are loyal and family-loving, patient parents. Not given to sexual experimentation. Taureans are grounded in realism. They’re steady and like peace. They enjoy pets and the outdoors, and love biking, hikes and enjoying nature in overall. 

Every positive personality has another side to it, and in the Taurean, this dependability and dedication can manifest itself as possessiveness and jealousy. Luckily, they’re also highly gifted and can soon get themselves out of the occasional temperament and misery.

What Traits Do Taurus Have?

Taurus, the next sign of the Zodiac after Aries, is the Bull. Concentrated on security and stability, the Taurus is the most loyal of all the zodiac signs.

Tough, quiet, the most reserved of all the signs, Taurus is likely to be careful and controlled. People born under Taurus are very practical and strong-minded, content and in touch with nature. They treat things as they happen, without distressing or despair. They have solid values, and tend to think long and hard about their choices. After they’ve made those decisions, it’s easier to face challenges than to change the mind of a Taurus individual.

Nothing characterises Taurus more than the Greek legend of the Minotaur, or bull-headed man, when it comes to stubbornness. When those hooves are dug in, Taurus is just not going to change.  However the Taurus will possibly refute that they’re being stubborn; they choose to call it “practical.”  Or “persevering.”

Usually peaceful and reliable, Taurus is happy to be left alone, with a very long anger….but if that anger ever burns, lookout.  Taurus has a temper.  Drive him to his edges, and the phrase “bull in a china shop” takes on a complete new meaning.  Taurus very rarely gets angry, but when they do, they don’t just get a little irritated, they get violent.  It can take weeks for the dust to settle after a Taurus outburst.

Taurus loves to build his wealth, gradually and steadily; he loves money and material assets, although he isn’t stingy.  He can be very generous, specifically to friends and family.

Solid, reliable, and peaceful, Taurus is like a pillar in the Zodiac, with his perseverance and calm.  He can be the best constant and honourable of all the signs…just don’t try to hurry him into something.  Or request him to alter his mind.

What Are The Main Characteristics of a Taurus?

Here’s a list of Taurus characteristics:

Taurus zodiac symbolBull
Taurus birth datesApril 20 – May 20
Taurus element signEarth
PositivesReliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Taurus weaknessStubborn, possessive, uncompromising
ColourBlue, Pink, Green
WeekdayFriday, Monday
Zodiac QualityFixed
Taurus lucky daysNumber 2, Number 4, Number 6, Number 11, 20, 29, 37, 47, 56
Taurus most compatibleVirgo, Capricorn

How To Attract a Taurus Man By Conversation

Want to know how to charm a Taurus men to date you?If you prefer tough, loyal, responsible and generous companion, you will enjoy men born under the star symbol of Taurus. Taurus men are dependable, independent, patient and very faithful. One of the utmost undesirable characteristics of the sign of Taurus is its great stubbornness. If you were thinking of leaving hints and casting suggestive glimpses in the anticipation that you will get the message, think again.

The Taurus men is too slow to notice, so you’ll possibly have to ask him out on your own. The Taurus man does not like any form of hypocrisy, so when you compliment him, it may be better to limit your comments to sincere phrases and not do it too much. Get ready to devote a lot of time winning their trust.

He may be somebody of little words and that might make you feel that you are not having any headway with him. Men born under the sign of Taurus like to cook, for your own benefit, you can ask him to a home where he feels relaxed or cook delicious homemade meal. The Taurus man loves sex and view it as natural and enjoyable. He is very loyal and will never deceive you. But, if you be disloyal to him, he will never forgive and forget you. Demonstrate to him that you are faithful and you will be on the correct route to seduce the Taurus man.

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How Do You Attract a Taurus woman?

If you wish to learn how to attract Taurus woman, you will have to appeal to her logic of romance. Taurus women, instead of being seduced, like to be wooed, which means they won’t be too fast to sleep with a man.

The Taurus character is one of the most distinguishable of the zodiac. The good traits of Taurus include dependability, realism, motivation, sensuality, and freedom. But, they also have some bad traits and can turn out to be very lazy, stubborn, money-oriented, and generous. The Taurus woman desires for true affection and security. It is very unlikely that she will get carried away by her sexual craving fast, so if you truly want to be with her you will have to devote time and energy making her feel comfy.

On the other hand, as soon as she falls in love, she loves deeply and will be faithful and loving. You will be next to your companion as long as your partner is faithful to you. The Taurus woman has a softness for beauty and likes the finer things in life, so if you wish to seduce her, you can take her to a good eating place. Taurus women appreciate good things, so they will be a right audience if you choose to show off the lavish or luxurious things you have.

Keep in mind that Taurus women doesn’t like to feel tense during a date, so allow them take their time. The minute she feels safe and relaxed with you, it will let you to seduce her fully.

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How Is Taurus Friendship?

Family and home are extremely vital to Taurus. Taurus is very smart and has a good sense of humor, which makes him somebody with tremendous social skills. Persons born under this symbol are very trustworthy and continuously prepared to give you a welcoming hand. In fact, a lot of his friendships start from childhood. Taurus loves kids and appreciates the family time, so it will continuously be there at all family meetings and events. Taurus enjoys hosting family get-togethers and family parties.

Best Careers For Taurus

Stability is the crucial term for this zodiac sign. Taurus loves money and will work hard to grow and increase his finances. At work, Taurus is dependable, meticulous, patient, and systematic. When you focus on a task, you remain resilient regardless of what happens.

A sense of pride is a huge inspiration for Taurus, as is his wish for rewards. They like to be surrounded by material things, fine food and extravagances, that is why their work is very essential. It is the way in which they can realize their goals.

They are exceptional at handling their money, so all their bills will be settled on time, and at the same time, they will be able to save some cash. The careers that suit this zodiac sign are:

  • Agriculture
  • Cooking
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Construction.

Taurus Best Compatibility

Compatible signs Taurus should consider:

  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Capricorn
  • Virgo

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In conclusion

Willpower is one of the hallmarks of the people of this sign. They are generally very calm and prefer to lead a relaxed life, so they are certainly reluctant to routine changes.

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